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I created EvangelistDNA as a way to share thought leadership around the very ethereal and elusive concept of organizational evangelism.  For 20 years, my career has taken me on a journey centered on driving change, bringing clarity to the obscure, and finding ways to drive results where many believed none were possible.  This small corner of the internet is meant to create a gathering place to share best practices, learn about what evangelism is, and create ways to bring innovative thinking to life that needs to be shared.  And whether you are a misfit looking for like-minded peers or someone who wants to better understand the misfits you must deal with each an every day, I welcome you to contribute, comment, share and debate a topic that has no place to do so.

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Malcolm De Leo


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Malcolm De Leo is an innovation expert who has successfully built and developed new markets for both Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley Startups.  He is currently the Chief Evangelist at Quantifind, a market leading Data Analytics company who has changed the way marketers, explore, understand and drive impact to their bottom line.   Prior to Quantifind, Malcolm was the Chief Evangelist at NetBase solutions where he helped launch and build the use of social data across the Fortune 500 landscape. Before entering Silicon Valley, Malcolm was the Global Vice President of Daymon Worldwide, the world's largest private brand product broker and also worked developing innovation partnerships and new products for the Clorox company where he started his career. 

Malcolm holds a Ph.D. in Inorganic Photochemistry from UC-Santa Barbara and an MBA in technology management from the University of Phoenix.

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